Military Court Issues 48 Arrest Warrants For Secessionists

Military Court Issues 48 Arrest Warrants For Secessionists

For Nigeria and South Africa that host some of the fugitives, one good turn deserves another. Give back to Cameroon what was given back to your respective countries.

The Yaounde Military Court has issued 48 arrest warrants to some secessionists clamouring for what they call Ambazonia state. The arrest warrant has been dished out to Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe, Mark Barata, Tapang Ivo Tanku, Ebenezer Akwanga, Boh Herbert, Tassang Wilfried, Milton Taka, Ayaba Cho, Bobga Harmony, Eyambe Elias amongst others.

These secessionists, all of whom are living in different countries abroad including Nigeria, South Africa, Belgium, and USA amongst others are those front lining calls for the separation of the North West and South West Regions from the rest of the country. The individuals benefitted from the Common Law Lawyers and Anglophone Teachers Trade Union strikes started in October 2016 to infiltrate the population for selfish political gains aimed at destabilising Cameroon.

Their modus operandi has been the use of the social media to call for violence and ghost towns in the two Anglophone regions. In the course of violence and arson, several public and private structures including schools, vehicles, and police stations have been destroyed. Apart from material damages, several lives have been lost as a result of these violence caused by the secessionists. Just last week, four soldiers (Gendarmes) are reported to have been killed by the assailants in Jakiri, Bafut, Nkwen and in Manyu Division according to government reports.

The assailants have make use of locally fabricated bombs and firearms and targets mostly security forces. The international arrest warrants issues against them is therefore intended to bring these unscrupulous individuals to book for justice to prevail. Given the enormity of the crimes being committed the secessionists are liable to charges of terrorism according to the 2010 Law on Anti-Terrorism in Cameroon. For the international arrest warrants to be effective, there is the need for collaboration with their host governments. South Africa and Nigeria, two African countries involved, who have earlier witnessed similar scenario have a duty to give back to the international community by extraditing these fugitives for trail. It should be recalled that President

Paul Biya and his government have taken several measures aimed at resolving the current socio-political crisis in the two Anglophone Regions. Apart from the creation of the National Commission on the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, the Head of State created a Common Law Division at the Supreme Court, Common Law and Public Department in State Universities, FCFA 1 billion subvention to private and mission schools amongst others. Recently, the Head of State dispatched elites of the North West and South West Regions for yet another dialogue mission to the troubled regions.

The President of the Republic had in another dialogue move ordered for the discontinuance of the case against some detained Anglophone leaders that was pending before the Yaounde Military Tribunal. Meanwhile, Cameroonians across the political chessboard have continued to condemn violence perpetrated in the two regions and calls to disintegrate the nation. Cameroonians have expressed their willingness and determination to stand firm behind their leader for a united and peaceful Cameroon.





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