CERAC -Refurbished Hospital, Gifts Donated To Bassamba

CERAC -Refurbished Hospital, Gifts Donated To Bassamba

The First Lady’ humanitarian association was in Bassamba , Nde Division of the West Region to commune with the underprivileged.

The Circles of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), a humanitarian association created some 23 years ago by Mrs. Chantal Biya, has once again put smiles on the underprivileged. This time around it was the turn of Bassamba, a locality in the Nde Division of the West Region. CERAC women went to Bassamba with their hands full of gifts destined to the rural community and underprivileged population of the area. CERAC also handed over the renovated Maternity Ward of the Bassamba District Hospital as well as medical equipment to the District Medical Officer.

Heading the CERAC delegation to Bassamba was the wife of the Senate President, Mrs Marcie Niat, and Vice President of CERAC. The joyous event that was characterised by cultural animation was highly attended by some members of government, the Governor of the West Region and the elite of Nde.

Beneficiaries could not hide their joy of gratitude to Mrs Chantal Biya as they expressed it in songs of thanksgiving, hailing her for her kind heart as the mother of the nation. According to the District Medical Officer, Dr Kum Jerry, the excitement was total as the equipment and the face-lift given to the Maternity Ward will not only improve on healthcare delivery but has also upgraded its technical platform.

Mrs. Chantal Biya’s gesture was also extended to an NGO that caters for the destitute children in the Nde Division whose Chief Executive Officer described Mrs Biya as a God-sent mother to Cameroonians. The charity association has more than 400 kids they are assisting and thus the assistance given to it by CERAC last Saturday November 11, 2017 was highly appreciated.






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